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> USB Digital (DVB-T) TV Tuner

> USB Hybrid (Analog + Digital) TV Tuner

> Media Player / USB OTG HDD

> 1394/ USB to IDE Bridge Boards/ Adapters

> 1394/ USB/ Serial ATA External Enclosure

> USB to IrDA adapter














(Download data sheet in pdf format : CinemaDisk.pdf)

 DVD Quality A/V Entertainment

The Cinema Disk allows you to play video clips or movies in MPEG-1/ MPEG-2 formats on TV or projector through its built-in S-Video/ Composite Video output.

The difference between MPEG-4 (352 x 288) and MPEG-2 (720 x 480)



Digital Film of 20GB

With Cinema Disk, the Digital Camera user can easily backup the CF card data/ pictures then reuse the CF card for taking more pictures.



Digital Album

Cinema Disk supports JPEG pictures playback and output to TV.   User can preview the pictures in Thumbnail view and use remote to rotate or zoom pictures.



USB 2.0 Mobile Disk

The Cinema Disk is also a USB2.0 interfaced 2.5" portable Hard Disk Drive.  With built-in USB 2.0 interface, Cinema Disk performs 40 times faster than USB 1.1 interfaced Disk. The transfer speed can be 480Mbps


USB 2.0 Card Reader

When connecting to your computer through USB cable, the Cinema Disk will also work like a CF card reader. You can access the data in CF card just like using a USB 2.0 interfaced card reader.


Presentation Tool

With Cinema Disk and the bundled remote control, now you can easily perform a presentation without carrying your notebook PC. It is a business presentation tool that plays JPEG slide show with Zoom/ Thumbnail functions. The included remote control can help you to make a perfect presentation.


MP3 Player with JPEG Slide Show

Cinema Disk support MP3 playback capability.  It works perfectly like a hard disk based MP3 Jukebox.  Besides MP3 playback, Cinema Disk allows you to play MP3 music and JPEG pictures simultaneously.


Features :
  • USB 2.0 interfaced external portable 2.5" HDD (20G, 30G, or larger)
  • CF Type-II Card Reader, support CF Type-I, CF Type-II, and Microdrive
  • Digital media player for MP3, JPEG, MPEG-I, VCD, SVCD, MPEG-II, MPEG 4 (simple profile), Motion JPEG files
  • DOS-like file navigator to select play-back directory/ files
  • S-Video, Composite Video, Stereo Audio output
  • LCD screen and buttons built-in for easy operation
  • OSD (On Screen Display) on TV for easy operation with remote control
  • JPEG player support Auto-scale, Zoom & Pan, Thumbnail display, Slide Show
  • Music Slide Show, playing JPEG slide show accompanied by background MP3 music.
  • Powered by USB 2.0 Bus power, AC/DC adapter or Battery Pack

Specifications :
  • IEEE 1394 Intreface, 400Mbps data transfer speed (1394 version)
  • USB 2.0 Interface, 480Mbps data transfer speed (USB 2.0 version)
  • UltraDMA 100/ 66 IDE interface

Storage media:

  • 2.5" HDD 20G (or 30G/ 40G/ 60G) x 1
  • CF Type-II socket x 1 (For Type-I and Type-II CF Card or Microdrive)
  • Disk File format support FAT32 & FAT16

Playback format support:

  • MPEG 1, VCD, SVCD, .DAT format
  • MPEG 2 files
  • JPEG files
  • MP3 files
  • Motion JPEG

User Operation Interface:

  • LCD and button built-in
  • OSD (On Screen Display) on TV
  • Infrared Remote Control
@ Output ports:
  • S-Video (NTSC/ PAL)
  • Composite Video (NTSC/ PAL)
  • Stereo Audio Jack

Special Functions:

  • Backup CF Card data to Hard Disk
  • Battery low indicator

Power Source:

  • AC/DC adapter
  • Mixed Battery/ USB bus power
  • Battery (Li-Ion Rechargeable)


  • 13.9 x 8 x 2.6 cm (5.5 x 3.1 x 1.0 inch)

Operating Temperature:

  • 0 degree C to 50 degree C

Operating Humidity:

  • 5% to 95%
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